Joint ventures

In addition to creating or aquiring already existing spirits brands for further development, Accelerate Brands is also investing in Joint-Ventures with dedicated spirits partners.

As its first Joint-Venture, Accelerate Brands  holds a 50% stake in Cognac Planat.

Cognac Planat was first established in 1828, and has since the take-over in 2018 undergone a full rebranding.

Unique cognacs. Cognac Planat has been passionately reinventing itself since 1828. The Planat spirit shines through in all of the choices made throughout the long artisanal process of producing our cognacs. For many years, we have been forging partnerships with organic winegrowers in the Cognac region. Cultivating a greater respect for the environment and offering unique products. Planat is the first organic operator in the Cognac region. Its environmental commitments are the essential foundation of the company. To learn more about our brand and products, visit our website :

The range consists of a classic range, accompanied by the newly developed organic cognac range.